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Just another little blog dedicated to the goddess that is Stana Katic and her many manifestations, including Castle's Detective Kate Beckett. I'm very spoiler friendly. You've been warned.

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“We had no idea who the actors would be when Andrew created the show. He wrote it without anyone in mind. Then when Nathan Fillion came in, he said “I’m this character. I’m this guy!” and it was pretty clear that he was. So casting Richard Castle was pretty straightforward. With Beckett, she was somebody new and it was important that she have chemistry with Castle, with Nathan; that there were sparks. We interviewed a lot, a lot of women. Nathan was very kind when we got down to the final few, he came in and read with them. With Stana, clearly there were sparks. Not to mention a tremendous talent.” -Terri Miller

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“so, it’s true. he’s my work-husband and i’m his work-wife.”

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She’s a little girl, she’s a tigress, and she’s a warrior. She’s insecure and she’s indomitable. She’s everything.”- Stana Katic on Kate Beckett

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Favourite Kick-Ass Ladies | Kate Beckett (Castle)

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I’ve let it define me, drive me. It’s made me who I am. But now… I want to be more than who I am.

-Kate Beckett

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“Listen to me, jackass, I do not control traffic so you’re gonna have to give me 20 minutes - No, I’ve got 20. Do you hear me? 20. Because if you pull that trigger I will walk through those doors and personally put a bullet through your skull.“ 

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Favourites in 2011
↳ Characters → Katherine Beckett

 ”I know what it feels like to be in those crosshairs. I know what it feels like to have that bullet burn a hole through my chest. I know what it feels like to have your life leave your body.”

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