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Just another little blog dedicated to the goddess that is Stana Katic and her many manifestations, including Castle's Detective Kate Beckett. I'm very spoiler friendly. You've been warned.

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Stana Katic and food

“Sometimes I’m just hungry, ok?”

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beckett + her vest

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Themed Party | Challenge 100: Any of the Last 99 Challenges

Kate Beckett, Castle → evolution

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SCREENCAP MEME  |  kate beckett + dress me up (red)  |  for oliviafuckingpope

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Kate Beckett: 6 caps in 5x12

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I wanna be more than who I am.

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“I love stunts. It’s sometimes a problem because initially I’ve studied martial arts, usually when you attack somebody you use all your strength while here (on Castle), you don’t. I really need to control myself when we’re shooting fight scenes because I really could hurt someone if I’d let myself go!”

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