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Just another little blog dedicated to the goddess that is Stana Katic and her many manifestations, including Castle's Detective Kate Beckett. I'm very spoiler friendly. You've been warned.

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Stana: As an actor it seems we're always living out of our suitcase, never
really knowing what's next, which can be exciting, but it
also can frame your life in a weird way.

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I was in India last summer, and I tried to learn a few words. I never expect people to speak english when I’m in another country, it would be kind of insulting, so I try to engage in conversation in the local language.
— Stana Katic about speaking many languages (x)

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“I love stunts. It’s sometimes a problem because initially I’ve studied martial arts, usually when you attack somebody you use all your strength while here (on Castle), you don’t. I really need to control myself when we’re shooting fight scenes because I really could hurt someone if I’d let myself go!”

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Stana can play chemistry with a wet paper bag. She has an intrinsic understanding of how to play it and just how to find the language. 

Nathan Fillion on Stana Katic

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… I can see her becoming captain of the 12th which will spice up her relationship with Castle and their life together even more … ( laughs )
— Stana Katic on Kate’s future ( TV Magazine, France )

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Katic will portray Genya Ravan, a rocker and producer who was the lead singer of pioneering 1960s rock band Goldie & the Gingerbreads, which many say was the first all-female band to have a recording contract.

Castle’ Star Stana Katic Cast as Rock Pioneer in CBGB Film (Exclusive) (x)

The CBGC film begins shooting June 25 at Meddin Studios in Savannah, Ga., before moving on to New York City to complete filming.

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I think everybody fears something and then you work through it, and that’s where courage comes in. But in filmmaking specifically, you can’t lead with fear, you have to lead with courage. If you want to tell interesting, impactful stories you can’t be hampered by anyone’s theories of what filmmaking should be. So that’s what I thought would be a great way to start a film company — just create that kind of mantra for filmmaking, create interesting, impactful stories that aren’t blocked by peoples’ opinions of, ‘Oh, I can’t make it for this much money,’ or, ‘That kind of story will never fly.’ It’s just about creating amazing stories.
Stana Katic on creating her production company Sine Timore (via kittykatic)

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“I know a lot of people who are philosophers and they sit by the river and talk about what that underwater world might look like. And I’ll say ‘Dive in, man, and go see it. Swim around. You’ll be okay.’” (x)

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“When I need to get a moment of perspective, when I feel as if I’m getting ridiculous about something, I’ll just go away and try to communicate or become in communion with truth, and then I realize how ridiculous all these worries are.”