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Just another little blog dedicated to the goddess that is Stana Katic and her many manifestations, including Castle's Detective Kate Beckett. I'm very spoiler friendly. You've been warned.

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“We had no idea who the actors would be when Andrew created the show. He wrote it without anyone in mind. Then when Nathan Fillion came in, he said “I’m this character. I’m this guy!” and it was pretty clear that he was. So casting Richard Castle was pretty straightforward. With Beckett, she was somebody new and it was important that she have chemistry with Castle, with Nathan; that there were sparks. We interviewed a lot, a lot of women. Nathan was very kind when we got down to the final few, he came in and read with them. With Stana, clearly there were sparks. Not to mention a tremendous talent.” -Terri Miller

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Stana can play chemistry with a wet paper bag. She has an intrinsic understanding of how to play it and just how to find the language. 

Nathan Fillion on Stana Katic

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“so, it’s true. he’s my work-husband and i’m his work-wife.”

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Castle - People’s Choice Awards 2012 ♥

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“Stana is as serious as a heart attack about her work. She’s got this binder. She kind of dogears pages, she highlights, she writes notes. She has this binder with her all the time. And when I’m not doing a scene, I’ll often be reading a book or playing a game on my iPhone or Twittering. She’s got her nose in her binder, drawing notes and folding pages. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody work so hard.”

—Nathan Fillion’s answer to the question, “What is an attribute you see in Stana that you have not seen in other actors?” (x)

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